How Perfection Leads to Failure, and Failure Leads to Perfection.

Make no mistake about it: as guys we like collecting tools. This can be seen in our fascination with tech gadgets, sport gear for whatever activity we aspire to, as well as learning tools such as books, CD/DVD courses and seminars. There is something in the masculine problem-solving psyche that causes men to be obsessed with not only collecting tools, but having the perfect tool instantly accessible for any contingency. Unfortunately many guys get so caught up in having the right tools for the job that they never even get to the job at hand. There is always one more device to acquire, one more book to read, one more thing to know, and THEN they will have everything they need to succeed. Meanwhile the sands of time continue to fall and their life is passing them by.

Sound familiar? Is your garage full of top-notch gear for an activity that you have rarely, if ever, done? Do you have more books, e-books, audio programs and instructional DVDs (perhaps some never cracked opened) than you could possibly go through in your lifetime? Do you feel like you have to acquire “just one more ____” before you can move forward with any given task? Sure, there are some jobs that require precise tools, and it is nice to have a whole garage or library of them at hand to solve any problem at any moment, but waiting to acquire them before taking action is not the path to success but rather a form of procrastination known as perfection paralysis.   Read the rest of this entry »